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Ok I managed to get everything out and on the table for a looksee!

I started with the canopy, gotta start small when your body aches from the flu I use a very high quality double sided tape, its plastic backed, used for curtain hanging, a friend graciously supplied me with a few rolls and the stuff is incredibly strong. This is tape only, no foam, I find the lander tape to be a little weak for holding the canopy etc down, its easy to pull the canopy off when trying to lift up the battery hatch.

First pic shows the panel to cover the front wheel well, nicely made panels, you can see where I have laid the tape down ready to fit it.

Second pic shows the battery tray, I have fitted both trays and plan to glue a balsa block on the lower one to bring it up to the same height, this will give me plenty of movement and strength. I use Velcro brand strap as I like the genuine stuff and had it on hand, the velcro supplied does work fine though.

Now you can also see where I have sliced the paint off the join surfaces, I remove the paint with a new snapoff blade, if you do it slowly you can remove the paint only, no need to remove all of it, just a reasonable cleaning so the glue joints adhere well.

Third pic shows the pushrod layout, here is the first area come to so far where I am not 100% happy. The angle on the rods needed to keep them out of the duct is going to need some real scalloping of the foam otherwise they bind quite a lot. Also the plastic guide tubes are not long enough, they should be 20cm longer so they go past the ESC position, this will mean no chance of things snagging and the ESC and wiring can be taped down into place making for a much smoother inlet. I will suggest to Tim he replace the tubes with longer ones.

Fourth pic shows the lower nose ass glued in place, note the arrow in the pic, this joint needs epoxy pushed into it, there is a molding that the factory has glued in but they have not used epoxy, I really wish they would use epoxy when doing assembly work, much better than the stuff used.

I have fitted the wing servos into place to check layout, it appears someone wasnt thinking of the flaps being connected with a Y lead as they are mirror imaged and the servos will operate like ailerons unless mixed. Both servo horns should have been pointing towards the same wingtip.

Am feeling pretty crappy so thats it for tonight, will work on the wing setup tomorrow, and will try and get some plastic guide tubes from the LHS, I know they are available from great planes? I think.
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