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The Eagle I built for a fellow flier did it's maiden last weekend with no problems. Powered with a Mega 16-15-4, GWS 7x4 prop (cut down from an 8-4) on a 2S LiPo I was measuring ~18 amps. The owner only had 3S packs, so he flew it off that. I'd bet it'd be in the mid 20A range. Climb power was not a problem, he barely broke 1/2 throttle, and did ~10-12 minutes using only 697mA out of his 1300mAh pack. He's a happy Eagle owner.

I have the 42" version and noted a couple of flight differenences. Mine has no dihedral (save the wing tips) and my aileron response is pretty good and rudder response in not. His is the 56" version with dihedral in the main wing. His rudder was very responsive (and would also dive the Eagle), but his ailerons were not very sensitive at all.

As for flying with the real winged wonders...we had a conversation on that. It appears he who has more altitude is the 'Alpha' bird...anything below the highest bird is fair game. So...if in the vicinity or real ones...just fly higher than them and (maybe) you'll be okay.
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