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Originally Posted by billwhit
I was flying mine on a 1300kv BW and a 3 cell. I found that it flew fine once I got it to altitude, but the climb was slow. I did put a bigger 46 gram 1000kv motor on it recently just to get a better climb, but once I'm up where I want to be I fly it on low power and there isn't much difference.
Good to hear the cruise isn't affected by the added weight. I actually have about 2oz of lead in the beak, lol, and a spare kda20-22L (888kV/67% via bench test) in my box, but not sure how heavy I should go with my prop/lipo combo. What prop/lipo did you use with your 46gm 1000kV? I'm assuming the amps are more than a 2s900 should be doing.

It is quite a novelty in itself that a relatively monstrous plane manages to get any lift at all with a 24gm motor. That alone makes me want to keep it as is, lol. I hardly notice a difference between WOT and glide, except that at WOT it (very gradually) gains altitude. Gliding? Not the best L/D, let's just put it that way. Even with my flea size gear I'd estimate a 2:1 glide ratio. The cool part is it maintains altitude at half to 3/4 throttle. From my bench testing, 3/4 throttle is like 2A versus 9A at WOT. So the duration is very appealing.

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