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I have seen the flutter but it has been at high speed and is not common. We flew the Peregrine for about 3 batteries Saturday which is probably an hour of air time because I seldom am more than 60% throttle. At 100% it goes vertical. We had redtail hawks hovering over us again but no strike.

The plane was origionally flown with a BW1300 and the plane was lighter and slower. Now I am flying with the CF2812 and the BP21 and the plane will literally go vertical. I have only seen the flutter at WOT in strafing runs. It is so seldom that I haven't worried about it realizing this is not a fighter even though I fly it like one.

I fly these planes a lot and have them trimmed in so well I will let the beginenrs fly them.

I am thinking that if the flutter is a problem it might be good to put another flat spar in the top of the wing with a razor blade slit like we did in the bottom. The two spars would make an I beam and add alot of strength to the wing. I like this idea because it wouldn't mess up the paint job and won't cost much. The wing could possibly twist with this I beam but this would add a lot of strength. A third spar set towards the TE of the wing would prevent twist in the main core of the wing

How much slop do you have in your hinges? aileron connections? are your servos moving in the EPP foam?

Maybe I can get the flutter to show up on tape and slow it down to look at it. I appreciate the input. This is a great plane and will out fly any trainer plus it looks great in the sky.

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