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First class data

Originally Posted by timocharis
Sometimes the overlarge (register?) bumps on the stators are mounted facing toward the can, which crowds the wires and creates a logical limit on how much you can safely pack in. I've been experimenting with various approaches and here's the latest:

Tgy 16T 26awg ABC Delta Kv 1882 Io = 0.73 Rm = 0.114
GWS 8040 DD Rhino 610 2S
9623 rpm @ 7.32v/9.93a
Badcock: 471 grams 16.6 oz/thrust 77.8% Efficient
DriveCalc: 518 grams 18.3 oz/thrust 80.6% Efficient
Not too shabby!

Then again, other times you don't have to deal with that kind of thing, so you can just keep going:

Tgy 21T 26g ABC Delta Kv 1435 Io = 0.61 Rm = 0.150
GWS 8040 Rhino 460 3S
10610 rpm @ 10.49v/9.10a
Badcock: 577 grams 20.4 oz/thrust 80.3% Efficient
DriveCalc: 636 grams 22.4 oz/thrust 82.5% Efficient

It really takes this motor out of the slofly class and puts it into a power bracket , whatever that means ???

It means that this motor is now too powerful for slofly type models around 7 Ozs
And we need to trade power for weight and move down to the 19 grams type motors at HC to get amore floaty feel from the sloflys,
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