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I'm not quite sure which bolt came loose in my Belt CP. I think it was either a ball link screw in the swash plate, or a motor mount screw. It all happened so fast, and now it is too mangled to tell.

It's pretty depressing, as I had it hovering really steady until this happened. My carbon fiber frame, tail boom, and CNC head are all destroyed. It would probably be too expensive to replace all this, which is why I'm thinking a new airframe would be a cheaper/easier fix. I'm surprised that the carbon fiber pieces broke so easily. I thought carbon fiber was supposed to be Very strong.

Have you tried installing an AR6100 on your Big Lama? What Tx are you using for your helis? I have a DX6i. I'm wondering if their would be any advantages to flying the Big Lama on a DX6i. I'm guessing that you could turn up the servo travel adjust to get a bit faster forward and backward flight.

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