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Originally Posted by Flying Barry

Point taken, and very wise on your be half.

What type of Helis do you have?

I have the following, just to name a couple.

Belt CP Carbone x 1
Belt CP STD x 1
Trex 450 x 1
Copter x 2 Carbone
Honey Bee King x 2 (1 x Xtreme Productions and 1 x Carbone x 1)
Lama 3 & 4(s) x ? with Xtreme Productions upgades



Here's what I have right now:

Blade CX2 w/ Xtreme upgrades and motors
Lama V4 stock for indoor flying
Exceed RC Falcon 40 FP
EXI 450 Squadron
Belt CP Carbon

I'm a pretty good co-axial pilot, but I'm still a novice CP pilot, which is why I would like to get a Big Lama. I want something Big that can do some outdoor park flying.

I actually crashed my Belt CP yesterday (really bad) A bolt came loose in the frame, and the whole thing came to pieces in the air!

Now I need to remove the electronics and install them on a new airframe, Probably another EXI kit. I need to decide what to spend my money on first. The Big Lama, or another EXI.

Decisions, Decisions! lol

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