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Originally Posted by Robert77
I hope my english is not to bad, because I speak only some words of your language.
Lee, is it possible to get a 1:1 picture of the used jig and a picture/video of the cutting procedure/setup for the Assassin?
I started cutting EPP some month ago. My first attempt was something like your pinata. The airfoil was a modified Clark-Y with 18% thickness (round 50 mm) and 285 mm lenght. It flys great.
But now I saw your fin-less Assassin and I would like to build something like this. It seems so easy to start and catch this plane and it looks so cool

Where do you live??? I'm glad you found us.

What kind of foam are you using?

This plane is very similar to the Pinata. The same airfoil will work but the tip of the wing needs to be a larger percentage of the root of the wing. The Pinata Gorda has a 3:1 root to tip ratio and the Assassin has a 2:1 root to tip ratio. This makes the tip thick enough to cut the stabilizing angles into the wing tips.

If you put small elevons on it it doesn't fly as well. If you look back on some of the first posts you will see I have done CADD drawings on sweep and discussed the stabilizing of a wing without fins.

Good luck.

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