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Another RBC Panther in R.I. Only 70mm

Here in R.I., Ken Lapoint is the master of the Panthers. I recieved this kit about 3yrs ago from a freind in Fla. Thanx Chuck! So, I going to join the Panther ranks with Ken. Going through the kit wood, I noticed that all wood was VERY light. No reason why it will not fly with a Minifan Pro. What the heck..Brent flew a JHH Cougar with a Midifan, and this is much smaller. Infact, my enlarged Berkeley F8 Crusader is larger than the Panther and flew well on 650W.

I originally planned on following Dan Savages example with the Mega 16/25/4 and use a 12s. But, the 3 4s-2200 packs would weigh 8oz more than a 4s-4000 pack. I'm trying to save every ounce. I removed the Mini Pro from the F8 that uses the ARC 28-47-1 on a 3s pack. And will use this on the 4000-4s. Knowing that my largest ESC, a CC 80, would be border line, I decided to run it up on the test stand to see what ESC would be required. This was where the fun began..

I attached the inlet lip, weighed down the stand with 4# of sand bags and ran it up. Awesome.. 85A @ 1280W. Then it happened..the test stand took off across the bench, unplugged the non-polorized bullet connectors from the batt extentions, and hit the TV screen. TV has a small divot in the screen and the fan is fine.

This time I'll hold the stand, also. Then plug the d@mn connectors in backwards and watch a beautiful plume of smoke rise from the ESC. Second ESC I ever fried. If that was not enough, when the fan took off, it knocked the bottle of thin CA over and glued my toes together and to the carpet, which was now making some heat. Hmmm...the debonder is just out of reach on the other bench. Darn, I wish that cat knew how to fetch..get the bottle kitty..stupid cat.. Finally got a 1/4"sq balsa stick, added a dab of thick CA on the end, and stuck it to the debonder.

One thing about debonder, after releasing, don't wash your skin with water. It reactivates the CA residue. Now the wash cloth is stuck between my toes. Think I'll go back to Aliphatics and Ambroid

But, I'm not making this a build thread. Ken already had one. And, I read through it before starting. I'll just show a few changes I made. I thought of making glass ducting. This would have taken a week or more as the inlets are not siamesed, requireing two molds. I don't get much chance to work on things during the week. So this would have dragged on most of the summer.

Instead, I formed them from 1/16" firm balsa. They are much stiffer than glass and are now soaked with very thin epoxy finishing resin. I ran the fan with a 70A Suppo(which will not be used) and everything held fine. The intake splitter is open in front of the fan, and will make the batt compartment a low pressure area for cooling.

I'll start on the wings while the duct resin is curing.

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