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Originally Posted by GOK
I do have some questions at this stage, and would really appreciate any feedback.

- The spinner backplate is out of balance and is costing me a few extra amps and 10-20 watts less power Is there a simple way to balance it?
I'd put the spinner and the backplate on a prop balancer, mark where the spinner and the backplate meet then find the heavy side. I'd then cut strips of electrical tape and add to the light side until the spinner balances. You could also try balancing by removing material from the spinner backplate but I don't like this approach as it's hard to put material back on

Originally Posted by GOK

- While installing the stab, I messed up and it is slightly crooked. Actually it is not really crooked but a little off centered so I now have slightly more right stab according to the left side. This is clear in the below pic. Need I be overly worried about this? Had it been a foamie it would have flown even without a stab But I am not experienced with models this size
I doubt you'll notice much of an issue. The plane may want to roll a little more to the right when you're pulling through a loop but it'll be fine. There's a guy at the field I fly at who has a P-47 which he did a MUCH worse job on the elevator. In the air you'd never know it was off center.
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