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Originally Posted by Jagzilla
Not sure if I'm reading a maiden report, or a romance novel here
Glad to hear though that the fixes sound easy, and it will soon fly again.
I know the first time mine flew I found it quite responsive as well, and I don't use any expo.

Yeah, I was a little loopy from a couple of pain pills for my shoulder. My writing gets a bit florid when I'm tired and feeling no pain (well, less pain anyway).

The fix will be easy. The balance was right on and she lifted from the dolly pretty smoothly. I'll cut back the control throws on high rate to match the current low rate settings and dial down the low rates by about 25%. I'll add some expo too. I'm finding the expo on my EVO9 a bit trick to get right. The actual adjustment couldn't be easier but finding the right amount is tricky. I found that the Eurofighter had too much expo when I first flew it making it feel like it had a dead spot near neutral and then kicked in hard making it a little exciting until I realized what the issue was and brought her down.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend for some flying. If it's not windy it's raining and when it's calm and sunny I'm working.

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