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Startup on 6DOF Atomic IMU

Being a beginner, facing some problems regarding running of 6DOF IMU and interpretting its is my query
> I hv bought an 6DOFatomic imu module. i soldered the right angled headers incorrectly to the serial port and during desoldering the pad of the rx pin came out (Is there any way to get a new pad or to fix this?) . So now i'm using the Din and Dout pins on the xbee to receive data via hard wired uart(but I am not connecting XBee module). I'm also connecting the vcc and ground pins. Another imp factor is that i'm using my arduino as a ftdi board here.. so using the Rx, Tx, Gnd and Vcc pins and have managed to somehow run the atomic mixer in this anyone answer me the following questions???
> 1) What other pins do i need to use to receive data in proper format by this method.???
> 2) What is the use of RTS and CTS pins?? (i hv previously used a bluetooth module in a remote and had shorted those pins.. i dont know why, but it was in the instruction manual)
> 3) Is the data packet received by the xbee from the imu different than that received by the hard wired uart connection from the IMU??
> 4) Why is there so great a time lag between IMU movement and display on the mixer?
> 5) What is the exact format of the packet that i receive after taking out the signal which would otherwise go to the XBee?

Please answer the query asap.. .....
Thanx in advance...........................
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