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CMPro 40 size converted ( video )

Originally Posted by GOK
I do have some questions at this stage, and would really appreciate any feedback.

- The spinner backplate is out of balance and is costing me a few extra amps and 10-20 watts less power Is there a simple way to balance it?

- How do I get air flowing around the motor. The spinner and the backplate are like a wall up front of the motor. If I cut a few slashes in the front sides of the cowl (like in the below pic) would this create air current around the motor?

- While installing the stab, I messed up and it is slightly crooked. Actually it is not really crooked but a little off centered so I now have slightly more right stab according to the left side. This is clear in the below pic. Need I be overly worried about this? Had it been a foamie it would have flown even without a stab But I am not experienced with models this size

So these are some of the issues I am tackling at the moment, please feel free to offer advise


We like Mustangs in Norway too :-)) It seem to me that we have nearly the same airplane and are doing the same thing. I had to place the battery closer to the CG and therefore got more space around the motor and got ok cooling of both the motor and the esc. Drilled a couple of holes where the original exhaust is coming out to let the air get out. Battery was moved backwords but I still had to add 80g in the rear to get the CG right. Total weight ended up around 2900g with battery installed. That is heavy in my opinion but we are talking about warbirds with heavy wing loading. I`m used to a very overpowered Hyperion Shukoi E25 and this Mustang felt heavy..very heavy, but good looking in the air. The retracts I used was DSR 30/46 servoless retracts but these can`t handle a 3kg airplane. Will use mechanical retracts instead.
The turnigy motor ( 50 55B-1000kv )broke before take off on the second flight. Some magnets came loose. A common problem on larger motors from Turnigy. Ordered now a Hyperion 4025-10. I am going to run it on 4 cells, but most likely I will change to 5 cells in the near future.
I can`t say how much watts I have have on the current set up, but the video shows that it flies ok and scale like with a 13/8 prop. Guessing that your plane will have about the same power or a little less because your motor is a little smaller.

Video is from the maiden flight a couple of weeks ago( May 20 ). Tried to figure out the stall speed as you can see. Was afraid of tip stalling so the approach speed is too fast :-))

Give you a new report when the Hyperion motor is installed and test flown.
Good luck :-))
RC-P51 Mustang. CMpro 40 size electric converted (1 min 20 sec)

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