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Build Log
1/4 Schreder HP-18

Hi, all

I'm going to be working on my scale 1/4 HP-18 and will continue to post in this thread if anyone is interested.

Some background...I have a love for this particular sailplane after having owned (half-owned, actually - my buddy, now deceased, was the other half of the partnership) and flown one for several years. To say it was an exciting plane to fly would be an understatement as it had a Vne of 150 MPH Which we pushed to 180 more than once with no problems) and with full 90 degree flaps could land as slowly as 35-40 mph in a very small space.

It was different in several ways from most other gliders of its class (15 meter) in that elevator and aileron control was via a truncated stick that was mounted on the side of the fuse just below the canopy. This stick also engaged the elevator trim and was integral with the wheel brake. The flaps were coupled to the ailerons and were controlled via a crank on the left side of the fuse. The parachute included a blow up bladder to provide a cushion as the pilot flew in a full supine position with the head propped up by a small cushion. Overall, it was a very comfortable position and with the full length canopy visibility was excellent. The only tricky thing was that to dump water ballast one had to reach behind to engage the pull valve attached to the spar where the water was carried. Flying with ruddervators was no issue at all and didn't appear to be any different than flying a standard tailed ship.

Tony Eliott of (I'm sure most of you here are familiar with him and his projects) offered to build me the components for this project and I jumped on it. The quality is second to none, and although I haven't bothered to weigh it, at this point it's very light, more so than most other sailplanes I have of this size. The wings and tail feathers are obechi covered foam and the gel coated fuse is a work of art and conforms to the original in almost all ways with the exception of the wing roots. The full size utilized a Wortmann FX 67-150 airfoil which would not be appropriate for this model, so Tony provided an airfoil that would work well for what we, as modelers, would desire to exhibit good flying characteristics. The truncated tail section is not what ours was (it tapered to a nice rounded point) but will be easy enough to modify to the scale outline. No big deal at all and most people would probably not bother with it.

Included are a couple of initial pics I took of it after receiving the giant super well packed box (who can wait to see what it may look like, right?) and a couple of old pics I dug up of our HP-18 N17DW. I intend to finish this as our HP-18 existed prior to it's sale back in the late 80's...white with red lettering and trim, and Schreder spec'd winglets. Also are a couple of pics showing some of the landing attitudes of this little was a blast!

Of course, any additional pictures will be of the "build". I have a lot of things on my plate at this time so the build will go relatively slowly, but if you're interested hang in there...this will be fun.

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