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Maidened the Mirage this evening. Used my takeoff dolly , she looked very comfortable on it and it worked very well for her. It held her like a lover who was ready to let her go whenever she wanted to. It track straight and true and the Mirage was off gentle as you please in a low sloping climb to the left. It seemed to be heading for the back row of trees at the edge of the field so I gave it some left stick. It rolled hard and I had to correct the roll and that was on low rates. I let it track out some 50 to 60 yards or so but didn't think to give it a little up stick and so this half circuit transpired at about 10 feet off the deck. I realized too late the the low rates were still a bit too high and that I'd neglected to dial in any expo to tame her potential. Time for another hopefully non-pylon type turn since another treeline was rapidly approaching on the west. Evasive action mister the captain in my brain screamed at my thunbs. A quick and not so gentle jab at the stick left and maybe a little more. Now shes away from the trees but still in a tight and fast afterburner roll hangining in a sort of stuck knife edge motion with maybe a hint of nose down. The Captain in my brain started screaming orders again but they were so hard to understand. It's coming right at me, I see it, that beautiful shape and I hear it that sound coming form Midifan and from 600-32 and those 5 cells pumping a shrill angel song that distracts you for a second. A second too late, no time for distractions now. Not now. You know that you have to push the stick to the low wing. You did but only after listening to the song sung by 33,000 singing blades for jut a little, but just too long. Your other thumb, not so much a music afficianado reacted quickly by easing back power. She counter rolled just enough to at least appear to feint an attempt at a belly landing but not so much as in the traditional sense of it whereby in the belly landing the belly or sometimes the tail touch the earth first. No, this time the slender nose touched first really almost simultaneously with the left wing at a very shallow angle. Cracks to the nose section/pod at the glue joints, a clean and easy to repair crack near the left wing root, both aileron control rods pulled out. Seems that was it. The 14gm metal gear servos seem to have survived. All in all an easy fix. She has nice power, a nice sound and a nice look. Just have to dial her in some.

If only the grass had been a little shorter...

In the end I know that I dumb-thumbed it into the grass. My fault. I haven't flown anything in two weeks except for this afternoon trying to teach my 9 year old daughter to fly the Slow Stick and it was too windy.

My usual MO for a maidein is to fly 2 or 3 other progressively faster and less stable planes before a maiden, but not this time. They say that you're only dumb if you don't learn from your mistakes.

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