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I had the same thing happen to me last week at Radio Shack. I needed the connectors for hooking up the sealed lead-calcium battery for my flight box
power panel. I know what connectors I'm looking for as they are the same batteries used for security systems panel I used to install. I go in and she says can I help you, I said yes, where do you keep you connnectors. she's like what its for? I tell her...blank look, can you bring it in? No, just show me where your connectors are. She shows me and then I don't know if I need the 3/16 or the 1/4 size. I ask her if they had any of the sealed lead batteries and she says no, all we have are these...6v lattern batteries! right next to them are 12v 4.5Ah sealed lead-calcium batteries. I said that's one right there. She says oh no, that's not it that's a rechargable battery! I just laugh and ask if I can open the box to size up the connector. I then pay the $2.29 for the pack of connectors in cash and she starts asking me about mey zip code and Email address! I said look you don't need any of that info, i'm paying cash. She said they need it for mailing purposes, I said no, if you don't take my money I ll go somewhere else. I paid and left. What a pain in the ARSE for just a couple of connectors. I remember when I was little the people at RS knew what they were doing , now......?

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