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I always wanted to build the wing and ailerons (as well as stabilizer and elevator, etc) in one piece and cut them apart later but I'm concerned about how I know where to make the cut. I tend to use 1/8 vertical pieces with 1/16th sheeting top and bottom from the hinge-line for about 1/4 inch forming a side-ways U shape. In a one-piece build, I never accurately know where to cut the (now 1/2 inch wide) sheeting.

From what I have seen in your pictures, do you just laminate balsa to form the pieces (which would replace my side-ways U) and then not apply glue to the lamination where you want to separate aileron and wing?

I'm beginning to like an open-aileron build instead of sheeting the whole surface (which I found to add unnecessary weight). I see where it could lend itself to a single piece wing/aileron build because you can easily see the separation lines.


P.S I like the way you use fixtures (in the above set and picture 8 in post 36) to get pieces to fit right. I'm constantly making patterns from thick card stock so the final cut balsa piece has a chance of fitting.
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