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We I couldn't help myself, I had to give it a go.
Glad I did - it flew very well indeed.
I got a mate to handlaunch it for me & it flew nice & straight on a good angle.
Whilst not a powerhouse, it has a good turn of speed & is easy to handlaunch, so there's no fear of it struggling to fly.
The 4' prop pitch gives it a good bite into the air at launch & is sufficient to give it a very good top speed.
Once up & away it continued to hold it's line very well.
A few clicks up up trim were all that was needed to get hands-off flight so I was pretty happy with that.
The CG was somewhere about 7/8" to 1.0" aft of the LE at the root.
It was purely a TLAR guess (That Looks About Right) based on the battery that I had to hand.
I knew if it was forward too much , it would still fly anyway so no worries there.
So I did indeed wring it's neck and it responded well.
The roll rate is extremely good I thought, I had 1/2" deflections & 3/8" on the elevator.
Still to see if the elevator will make it snap-roll at high speeds. thats a test for later.
Anyway - she's a winner, simple to fly & glides very well.
AUFW was 11.0 ounces.

Another Guillow's winner.
Seems a shame to paint her - the silver makes it look superb.
anyhow here's a video of flight # 3 - nothing had changed sine the maiden flight trim s were done.
Definitely one to get a lot of airtime, I can see that


Kittyhawk Maiden Day 31 May 09 (1 min 32 sec)
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