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Fab'ed up a new vertical fin the old s'cool way. Made up a pair of 1/4" balsa symetrical airfoil sanding formers and lightly epoxied them on top and bottom of fin foam core. I made the core longer so it can be fit as needed later. Sand, sand, sand the styro until it got fully shaped down to the sanding forms. I used a 12" sanding block to maintain uniformity. Once happy with shape i cut loose the formers to make ready for skinning with 1/16" balsa skin.

Once skinned and trimmed, new 1/4" balsa cap and leading edge are epoxied on, final sanded and contoured ready for monokote. Remember those formers i cut loose? When you do yours keep them for next time you need to make another fin. Will save a lot of hassle. Be sure and file away a copy of the total fin shape you traced for next time. Maybe make a few extra for those knarly combat sessions!

Some technical:

Top former major airfoil thickness dim = 0.475".
Bottom = 0.650".

Add skins and you end up with 0.600" top, 0.775" bottom.

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