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Re: Single phase motor

"Stephen Carr" <> wrote in message
> Well ,don't have the lathe yet, but its a denford viceroy TDS, I only

want a
> ruff price for a VSD so I can decide if I can afford the lathe.

I bought an AC Tech SF230Y 3hp variable frequency unit for 255 quid inc
VAT from about three years ago. I use it to power a
four-post lift (I play with cars) and am completely satisfied with it.
You do need a little confidence in matters electrical. I chose this
route rather than convert the motor for two reasons; starting torque
limitations of the single phase motors sold by Machine Mart and the
like, which would not be relevant for a lathe; and so I could look for
other cheap three-phase machinery. I'm still looking.

Kevin Poole
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