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Originally Posted by istandalone
are you using a "hotter" then what's recomended motor? also these are 3d plans. they are built to be light, not durable.
i coated the motor mount & firewall on my edge 540 with epoxy, which strengthened it considerably.
I am using
RimFire 35-30-1250
Type: Brushless Outrunner
Input Voltage: 11.1V
RPM/V: 1250
Weight: 2.5oz
Shaft Diameter: 4mm
Current Capacity: 30 amps/35amps burst
Max Power(watts): 390W
Recommended Prop: 10x7

Electrifly Silver Series 45 amp Brushless ESC
Input Voltage: 6-12 cells NiCd/NiMH 2-4 cells LiPo (20V input w/o BEC)
Output Current: 35A continuous maximum 40A surge maximum
Weight: 1.13oz
Max output power: 350 watts
BEC: 5V/2A
Dimensions: Length: 2" (52mm) Width: 1.02" (26mm) Height: .31" (8mm)

A well designed,well crafted, using good materials plane can be light and durrable. 3dhobbyshop 40" planes are prime examples. This plane is well designed and crafted but the material it's made from is worthless. Snaps,blenders and hammerheads are some of the more spectacular 3d manuvers but this plane cannot take them. It is capable of doing such manuvers but it will fall apart in very short order.
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