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The Yak is crap.
-The motor mount twisted and ejected on maden takeoff, after a 5' parashoot to the ground the landing gear snapped the flimsy wood they wer mounted to and took the wing support with it.
-After replacing the motor mount and landing gear mount with a piece of fiber glass board (used for making circuit boards.) and shoreing up the wing with epoxy and carbonfiber tubing, it was up up and away.
-the clear bottom made the bottom look like the top making it very un fun to fly. Every flight was a nerve racking experience. During the 7th flight I got totaly disoriented and the plane looked like it was upright when it was inverted. SPLAT!! totaly unrecoverable.
-After every flight there was allways something needing repair. very flimsy model.

My experience with the SU-31.
-Great flying machine and the airframe is very sturdy. I can't say that about the motor mount. I'm not sure if reviewers get a plane made with sturder plywood or not, but the plywood on all 3 of my GP planes is very brittle. Once I started getting into snaps and blenders I found out how brittle this stuff is.
-First the motor ejects leaving a large hole in the wood the motor was attached to. I replace the motor mount with circuit board material. After 3 wild flights the framing on the motor mount starts to twist and fracture. Thats where I am with the SU-31 right now. I'm having the same issues with my Ultimate.

-It's doubtfull I am going to be able to sure up the mount framing, the wood is just soft and and flaking apart when I touch it. the whole assembly is twisted. I'm going to try replaceing the whole structure with an aluminum kit used for converting a 40" fuel planes to electric and re-enforcing the firewall with lightweight fiberglass, as it's made of the same brittle board the rest of the motor mount is made of.

The SU-31 is an excelent plane so long as you baby it. It will not take high stress flying without significant radical modifications. So far none of the GP planes I've flown holds up to high stress flying. I'ts a pitty because GP has the best looking planes of all the manufactures which is why I want to do my all to rescue it.
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