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Originally Posted by williame3590
Does anyone know anything about the Silver Swallow diesel? An 09 I believe.

Thanks Bill
They can be both bad and good. Need to be looked at to see how the fits are and how they feel..
They come in 1.5cc and 2.5cc sizes in various coloured anodised heads.
Quite a pretty plain bearing motor ideal for sport flying IMHO.
I have not had one for a long time, but did have several in both sizes come in from China back in the mid to late 80s, that were sold on for the above purpose.
YIN YAN in Mandarin was the original name of them that I believe translates to SILVER SWALLOW in English..
They seem to be often on eBay so if they are 'old stock' or being remade I'm not sure. I have a feeling CS may have been or be involved.
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