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Read the documentation over, then read it again.
Be very careful when editing the SET and WP files. Minor errors can cause major problems.

I bought extra MicroCards. CARD1 is used for the initial "Test Mode", CARD2 is the flight card and CARD3 is a backup flight card. The new MicroCards need to be formatted and labeled. The card supplied with the system was preserved and protected in a vault. Not really, but I did put two complete copies of it on the home computer. One as backup and the other as the working copy for access to the software. That card is stashed is a safe place. Study the files from the supplied card very carefully. You will need the information contained in each one of them at some time.

The tuning process is very iterative. It involves adjusting some of the parameters in the SET file and possibly the adjustment or relocation of some sensors. Make sure the pitot tubes are properly installed and clear. It will take several flights just to get in the ballpark. Don't try too many changes at one time. Electrical noise can be a problem. I had to move the XY sensor away from the ESC and Motor wires. I also used a toroid around the ESC wires to the AttoPilot.
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