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Charles Ping
Charles Ping
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Re: Single phase motor


I reckon you'd be better off keeping the 3 phase motor and running the
motor via an inverter (sometimes called a VFD - variable frequency
I run my lathe this way and so do many others. The benefits are:
* Variable speed control of the motor
* Very smooth motor (single phase motors vibrate as part of their
* No grubby motor changing process etc

A trip to the Google Groups archive for this NG should tell you a lot.
The one proviso is that your motor has to be able to be wired in
"delta" rather than "star". If you look under the terminal cover for
the motor if there are 6 terminals you're ok, if there are only three
it's more difficult.


>Hi again.
>Well I'm looking at a Denford Viceroy Centre Lathe. TDS1, but it has a
>problem, it's three phase and I only have one (
>How easy is it to buy a new single phase motor? I see machinemart sell
>motors but being a newbie don't know what the hell I'm looking for size,
>shaft dia. mounting bla bla
>Any ideas? (or even beter a product code and supplier)