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""The "new" T-Hawk will be better than the old one, but a s l o w flying plane is much easier to learn on. I don't recommend the Aerobird for the same reasons, but it's even worse cause it manuvers like a pig in the air""

A slowflyer is the best choice for the new pilots and I completely agree on that. but what about beginners frustration to fly in winds upto 5-10 MPH?? The stock SS,TM, Merlin can never do that. There are other planes in the market which can do that and be so called as trainers at the same time.
T-52, hmm tape is the issue ok, then remove the carbon fiber sticks from the SS and merlins wing then lets see which one would be more durable.

If a beginner pilot has the patience to stay indoors with SS,TM,Merlin then go for them because they will train you very well. If not then why not start with with something that is called as a trainer, fly in winds upto 5-10 MPH and be fun at the same time. I am sure I am not the only one, I know the frustration to stay indoors when it doesn't look that windy but you have to stay due to these planes.

I don't think SS, TM, Merlin in stock form can take as much abuse as the T-hawk and aerobird. Even a slightest imperfect landing will bend the shafts and break the propellers.

Life doesn't end with SS,TM, Merlin. There are plenty of other trainers too, give them a chance.

I see many beginners wishing to fly fast planes like P-51, spitfire after graduating from TM, Merlin and SS but they can't due to lack of experience of something that is relatively faster than these slowflyers.
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