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Originally Posted by JMP_blackfoot
Then we'll see about the 6-channel transmitter, but i do not expect anything much different.
Three small pieces of wire and one LED later, here is what my FlySky 6-channel transmitter main board looks like.
I bypassed both 5V regulators, soldered a red LED across R30 and bypassed D3 (charge circuit diode).
Now, the transmitter works off 4 NiMh cells like my Hobby City 4-channel transmitter.
Bench tests show that the operation is absolutely normal. I have played with the programming of the transmitter and bound two receivers to it. I'll be flying my model with this transmitter later today. I expect nothing unusual, and I now have 8 spare Eneloop/Kodak cells worth $21.54 (Walmart) I can use for flight packs .

Out of curiosity, I checked where the 50 mV noise on the power supply I visualised in post #769 might originate. I found that roughly half of it is generated across the NiMh cells themselves, the other half across the battery box contacts. I expect to reduce that noise to nearly half its present value by soldering the cells in series, so as to reduce power supply impedance as much as possible. Not that I have seen any problem, but I guess every little bit helps and good practice is good practice.
Oh, by the way, D3 was bypassed so as to allow for voltage monitoring and rapid charge of the battery.
I do this on all my transmitters as a matter of routine.
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