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Well, today was a day off from the office, but a day in for the workshop! We left off with the aileron servo being installed, and we pick up right there with the right aileron getting the same treatment. In the process, we extended the wires to reach the wing joint and I use regular servo plugs when joining the wings together. i never did trust myself to install the kind of plugs that other guys use that simply connect when you join the wings. Okay, so I plug my wires in by hand everytime, but if I ever need to change a servo in the field quickly, it's a bit easier with the loose wire and connector.

From there, we assembled the wing wiring harness. Now, I don't know if this is absolutely true, but my local Radio Shack told me that they are no longer going to be carrying the 9-pin DB-9 connector except in the kit form. The kit form is the one where the pins are not inserted into the body of the connector. I have not had very good luck with the kit version, and always went after the completed one. Luckily, this store had a set left and I got it. After chasing wires down into the wing to the center section, we connected up the DB-9 and began the "Mission Impossible" task of getting it to fit inside wher it is supposed to go. OMG, I did it without a hitch! First time for that feat! (Well, at least for me it was.) Felt so good about that one, that I took my sweet time on the mating connector.

Here ya go:
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