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Originally Posted by mlee8249
So, I do not use any retainer or wheel collar to keep the pushrod in place. It is simple, easy and effective.
i dont think you should have an issue but since i keep asking all the questions, i decided to give back a little nugget of engineering i use.

on all L-bends, i take a clipping of a servo arm and drill a hole slightly under-sized for the rod. i then push the piece of plastic over the L-bend and i am done. i sometimes put a little glob of 90 sec (yes 90 seconds) epoxy on the tip of the L-bend and plastic to be sure everything stays were i left it. i use 90sec because it is much more rubbery and doesnt pull away from the metal or plastic from shock. you have to work fast though. i used to use JB and even 5 and 30 min epoxy but i found the 90sec gives a bond that is less prone to shattering or pulling away from the plastic or metal.

i use this technique to keep wheels on small parkfliers too. i always thought that collars are too expensive and heavy. they also take up a lot of room on the pushrod. i used on pushrods too in many of my powered planes. here is a pic of how i used it with my rudder pushrod on my X. i havent added the 90sec to the keep the retainers on, but i will do that soon.
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