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Sorry I forgot the TM. Although being an experienced pilot I just can't leave my TM behind while flying my other planes. Sig Jenny is another good plane. But both of these planes are pretty fragile compared to other planes I've listed.

Superstar Ep, Yes it is a beginner plane and will survive minor crashes. Has durable construction. All planes have their day. Goofup: with the superstar 10 MPH will look like 3~5 MPH. so beginners will have no problems flying it. My brother flies it easily who hasn't even touched an R/C plane before.

I haven't flown the T-52 so I don't know much about it. But from what I've heard with a good power system it is unbeatable. Durability is another department this plane scores!

The reason I am saying Sky scooter as a beginner plane is because it flies well. It will take the abuse until you get the trim right. Yes It's an aileron plane but why can't it be your first plane? I am talking of experience which is about the Sky scooter Pro II. It has a good power system with a good climb rate and lands pretty slowly.

Yeah one should not go for the T-HAWK and Aerobird IF they wish to stay in this hobby for a long time. Otherwise I don't see why it can't be a plane to start on. Especially T-hawk, you'll solo it before you use all the spare parts.

I might have forgotten many trainers so keep updating them
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