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Originally Posted by MikeBiv
I love the idea of a drop in replacement Brushless Motor, wish it was released at launch I really would like a High Quality one like a E-flite Motor but hopefully Hacker or Axi will have something soon.

The Motor used in the Raptor GS might have potential:

What is the Highest C lipos in this size I remember RCG had a AD for a 20 or 25 C lipo but can't remember.

I also may like to see what using an additional Servo on the Wing.

Hopefully some manufactors will add Some new Prop Selections.

I've been having great results with my 20C Zippy packs in my micro stuff.
Make a huge difference!

Hyperion G3 just started selling a 120mAh 25C 1S that can be charged at 5C.
I've just got to give it a shot.

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