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Few of the trainers I recommend for new pilots!

In a slowflyer category nothing can beat the Slowstick. This plane flies well in calm conditions but can be difficult to control in the slightest breeze.

If you are looking for something that looks as if you are flying a real airplane then you should look at the Superstar Ep. It's a hobbico model, flies pretty well in stock form but if you want to increase the flight time then switch it from a direct drive to a gearbox. The average flight times can be in between 8 to 10 minutes with the gearbox. The plane can easily handle 10 MPH winds in beginners hand. Recommended setup is Great planes 2:5:1 gearbox and 11x7 APC propeller.

For pushers: something like the "new" T-hawk and the aerobird would make an excellent choice to start with. These planes will survive most crashes and can handle winds upto 10 mph.

Sky scooter Pro II (Trim it 3 click right from the radio and 3 clicks down which would make the elevator go up) will also be a good plane to learn on. I actually love the way this baby flies. Most people don't recommend it. But in my views once it is trimmed it flies just like a trainer. Very very durable!

Dandy available through mountainmodels is another plane I recommend. It is very easy to build and flies just as good as it looks.
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