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Jim, great new thread with great pictures.

Please allow me to direct answers from the old thread here.

First, Kenny, your .wmv video plays great on my Mac. Thank you so much for carring about the rest of us. Given the small file size, the quality was fine. I prefer the larger files with great quality, but agree that smaller files are friendlier to most ezoners.

As to the CB noise problem, I have lost a Switchback, but it was mostly my fault. I knew I was having receiver problems and kept flying. That was an Expert receiver. I had long ago given up on the RP4s for that field, and thought the 650 was a big improvement. Big mistake, as it glitches less, but takes longer to recover.

The CB is the only place my 555s ever glitch, but even they will glitch dependably(!) if I fly from the baseball diamond.

Since I got my Berg Stamps, I thought my glitching at the Bowl was over. However, yesterday while flying the prototype Mini BOP, even it was glitching pretty bad. I was sharing my channel with Pete, but we have had no problems sharing and taking care of each other. That is, I don't believe it was interference from other modler's transmitters. On the other hand, none of my other birds were glitching, including one with the identical electronics being controled from the same transmitter. I need to check the antenna connection with the Stamp.

I guess what I'm saying is, the CB is RF noise hell, and a channel board is not going to take care of all our problems. On the other hand, I am all for it, and whoever puts one up can count on a donation from me. I'll help put it up, too, if I can be of assistance.

The CB is a great field for flying, and the people there just make it the greatest.

-- Alan
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