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Originally Posted by ugly john
When lined up on the runway, control your rate of descent with only your throttle. Reduce throttle to speed up descent, increase throttle to decrease it. You really should not be adjusting your pitch at all. So for a smooth landing, you don't pull the nose up for flair, but rather a slight burst of throttle.
I'm thinking back when I was flying Cessnas, we turned on final at about 500', maybe 3/4 to a mile out. rate of decent was probably around 500' per minute. So never once were we trying to fly level on final. Always decending. You just sort of knew where to turn on final by local roads, your home airport, etc. If you started to come up short you would add some throttle and pull the nose up a bit. If you tried to pull the nose up without more throttle, stall. Then once over the landing threshold, we would cut most of the power, again depending on conditions, headwind, etc. About 10-15' up give or take you'd start the flare. If you over flared you'd get the dolphin jump which isn't pretty. There was always folks hanging around so if you did this you'd have to touch and go so that wouldn't be the last thing they'd remember. Trying to think back, I believe a touch-n-go circuit took about 1/10 of an hour. Stall speed on the 150 was about 58mph if recall, the runway was about 4,000'.

In theory, they should all be the same. Either way I've botched to many landing the old way, this way is working a lot better. Keep some thorttle on, pick a spot on the ground and aim for it. On the other hand, if it ain't broke(your landings), don't fix it.
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