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Originally posted by rcav8r2
R/C report USED to do honest reviews. Most really weren't bad, just mentioned a few areas that really needed improvements. BUT their advertising $$ sufferd ( I am assuming) and they too have changed their style. Now the only time a problem is encountered it is usually a trivial issue at best.

I even wrote to one of their more experienceed reviewers when he did a glowing review on a plane I just compleated. I thought the kit was junk, ( die crunched parts didn't even come close to fitting the plans, the wood was so hard it could drive nails, etc) but he thought it was great. When I emailed him to see if he maybe got a different run of the kit or something, he had the same issues I did, but he replied that it was mass produced and things like this were to be expected. :roll:

My favorite glowing review was from a certain Air Age rag. They reviewed the Great Pains Fear Jet ( AKA Lear Jet) the one statement that got me was "even though we had to resort to handlaunching the model it was a surperb modle" Well maybe those weren't the exact words, but close. Now this is a heavy .40 ( 5-6#) size modle. Hand launch???? And the ones I have seen were not even mediocer fliers...

I like most here, look to the internet ( mostly here) for typical user comments/etc. I also take into account the person posting and if they have a history of hating a particular type of model, etc....
THANK YOU on the RC report thing. Last time this was mentioned, I got shouted down, but I know what the deal is with RCreport, I'm not fooled.

On the second part, well...MAN pushes it WAY too far. Glowing reviews no matter what. They are losing their audience and credibility very rapidly, they are heading down the tubes.
But you know...they have been coming and going since 1929...I think MAN will change and survive, they have gone through this cycle of badness before.
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