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Why don't you see reviews of really bad products.

The problem with a magazine publishing a bad review (I think and just my opinion) is that they are open to libel most all of the time.

To publish a bad review the reviewer must have at a minimum -

25 years as an aero. engineer (or appropriate technology).

25 years of evaluation and writing engineering reports accepted by peer group.

25 years of experience in building and flying model airplanes.

25 years of high regard concerning honesty from peer group.

25 years of ----- you can think of many things to fill in here.

Absolutely no axe to grind - proveable in a court.

Maybe if you are being really sporty you could lower the times to 20 years in some cases.

So why wonder if there arn't any bad reviews in a magazine. Very few folks can qualify under those guidelines. The guidelines can be greatly lowered if the review is a favorable one - from 25 years to about 2 months on some of the above.

You have to learn to see what is reviewed and what is not based on some reasonable assumptions of magazine space, time, whether or not the manufacturer has requested a review, etc.

At least when something is reviewed in a magazine you have some information to go by - you get a look at something that might not be in the local hobby shop, if there are flight shots at least it flew somewhere for long enough to take a few photos of it.

Then certainly have the wisdom to do a search here to find out the things that might make or break your desicion to purchase the airplane.

Regardless of how your decisions turn out good luck on them, this is a great hobby - it is still hard not to giggle when I see an electric power ducted fan A-10 take off and fly under my control.

That was a shameless plug to get some free GWS equipment.

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