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thanks kristian,
that was an old making some battens for the new wing, like you say- the sail flutter is adding drag and the wing cant keep its shape at all,
hopefully my new wing will look abit like the wing in the video below

the flying wires and 'a' frame are going to add alot of support for the wing too, i underestimated how much work these do,
ive decreased the nose angle of the wing too, its 105-110* now instead of 125*
that should add more yaw stability

i read up on hanglider wings and it said that if you have enough wing sweep and washout the wing will be stable in yaw, pitch and roll
the new wing is adjustable too.. got adjustable reflex, hangpoint, 'a' frame etc

ive got loads of pics and vids of hangliders now and ive got a pretty good idea of what they should be shaped like now so fingers crossed it works!

hows the little prototype wings coming on kristian?

Rogallo - first amateur lesson (5 min 43 sec)
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