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Are you sure the sail wouldn't work better if you would just quickly add some battens to it? maybe thats the the clue to why it makes the whole trike so unstable... maybe the fluttering of the sail slows it down and makes so much turbulence that it starts to behave as if it was about to stall, thats when you loose control over it and it plummets to the ground... I definitely don't know much about aerodynamics... this is just a thought, but it occurred to me that if you would just quickly attach some battens to the old sail... maybe it would be worth the try? I remember that doing just that to my little test models improved the flight performance quite a bit. I am sure the are a lot of other factors affecting the flight behavior here, but it might be that this is the most major one? I don't know... would be worth the try to find out though.

Good luck with the project once again, hope it works out well, Kristian.
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