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I have been in and out of the UAV programing stages (not computer programing but the stage before R&D), for the last 15 years. The reason I looked into it was to have 90mm film type cameras mounted to a drone to shoot film for movies. The thought would be it would be cheaper than a pilot, and the airspace would be less controlled. But what I found out (and I did not spend a bunch of time on it) was that the FAA is very clear at this point of what they will let happen. I have seen so many people that really think that they can produce a viable UAV to sell for service in the private world that will operate in the NAS, and within controlled airspace. I have seen people put together "teams" to go after this, with out any pre-programming of what the project will even consist of. Now this is all just my opinion, and I am sure some whack job will say that they can get all the regs changed. But the FAA can't even control a pilot on a VFR flight plan that can't even read his GPS. I love reading all of the post here where a few people (not many) say that they are starting up a UAV company with zero time working on real UAV projects stating that they will get all these regs changed so they can sell the UAV they are selling. LOL. That might get it changed by 2015. Just because you can fly a plane, or might be a FULL SCALE PILOT means nothing when it comes to managing the development of the products needs, manging a design, managing work load, managing testing of avionics, managing airframe testing, and managing how this will be excepted by the world, FAA and so on. Now if you were to build a true anti gravity flying saucer that was green friendly in your garage and fly it past Boeing or Northrup, I bet you could sell it and retire, is that not the real reason someone would want to put a "team" together, MONEY?

But I said to much, I don't want the Martians to know what I am doing.

Love these threads, and rock on everyone!
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