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Just doing a little reading (sorry about the consecutive replies) but I found this very interesting....

"Still, the lithium-ion batteries inside consumer electronics pose little fire hazard. They're small, and manufacturers install safety switches in the batteries, ensuring that firing up a laptop computer means nothing more than turning it on. These switches "add to the safety but also add to the cost," Kino****a notes. "

Now this may be just me, but I've never used a lipo for an airplane anywhere near the size nor energy density of the ones in my two Laptops. Not even close. After seeing what that little pack did with just 20mins at 2 amps overcharge, I'm not nearly as confident those Laptop lipos are not a huge lawsuit waiting to happen.

The research on the flame retardant is very encouraging -- although looking at the date I think this additive was encorporated into Lithium-Ion cells a couple of years ago. It'll help with the burst factor, but frankly I bet Ken's post-crash fire was caused not by the pack itself, but by the wires getting red hot during a short.

I've seen that tests with the lipo's I bought... the little solder tabs glow bright red if the pack shorts. Those would start most materials on fire even if the pack chemistry itself is protected.

Unfortunately any short protection would also increase battery resistance and be undesirable for our use.
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