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Originally posted by hoppy
I sure wish I knew if they would fly out of that dish if they ignited. Any reports of flying batteries?
Well, I got my answer on the "lipo fire pictures" thread. They will act like rockets. That kind of throws a damper on the 'uncovered' fireproof surface charge station. Here is the post from 'BigDave':

"Caused a house fire also. I posted this several months ago here but obviously, new readers.

I had a Li pack explode while charging and shoot itself off of my charging bench. the pack landed on CARPET in my hobby room and started a fire. The resulting damage to my house was limited as my fire alarm system went off and, luckily, I was there. A fire extinguisher stopped this from turning into a major disaster (like the vehicle in this posting). Several planes and kits went up in smoke. Lots of repairs to the home were required BUT it could have been worse.

The cause was ME. I had my Li charger set for three cells and I connected a two-cell pack. No excuse here.

Nevertheless, ALWAYS charge Li packs in a fire proof contatiner with a LID. If the pack ruptures it will ROCKET off of any fireproof surface and jet off to some other area. This is a cheap lesson for those reading this post. Remember what you saw and take precautions. The packs are wonderful when treated with respect but THEY CAN BITE."

Well, I guess it's an ammo box or safe.
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