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Great thread

This is really good information and has opened my eyes a bit on changing over to Li-Poly packs.

I think the chargers and packs need a better way to sync up with the cell voltage and number of cells. In this day and age why can't I put come kind of chip on my pack or RF tag that tells the charger the number of cells? It can't be that hard. And don't complain about the price going up, we are willing to pay $300 for a pack.

One thing I would say is that the packaging for Li-Poly is wrong for R/C. Think about that NiCad or NimH cell. Things don't get much stronger than a metal cylinder. I would gladly give up the weight benefit for a safer pack. How about some Kevlar material to prevent the sparks from going everywhere. Not a sealed bag but some kind of containment bag. Maybe something better than folded over metal tabs just waiting to puncture thin plastic outer wrapping.

I keep reading that folks suggest that you should check the packs for damage before putting in the car after your crash. What are you really checking for? How do you know nothing will happen after you put them in the car? When can you feel safe with them if you even drop them on the floor?

Can someone explain to me what happens when you have a momentary short circuit? Does it cause a fire problem or just damage the pack in some way? How long is momentary? 1/2 a sec, 4 seconds.....?

The crash damage issue is what really worries me. Sooner or later I crash my planes. Sometimes the crash is worse than others. What is the level of damage I have to worry about?

With Li-Poly packs now I would need a safe charging area, a fire safe transport box, a bucket of salt water and a fire extinguisher. Tell me again why I fly electric planes over glow power?

What about charging at the field, what happens if one of those packs goes then, how long will it take before the other club members jump all over you?

I am not anit-Li-Poly, but there are some serious unresolved issues.

But man do I want that duration!!!!

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