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Optional Front brake kit - instalation pics

Fitting the brake kit is pretty self explanetory to be honest, but would some instalation photos help?

Be sure to turn on your radio, set up the brake mixing, centre your brake servo horn and confirm direction of rotation/travel BEFORE attaching the servo horn or you could over stress it, OK?

Be sure all cables are fully seated in their terminals and that the servo hron ends up 90 degrees to the cable as it pulls to a halt, and moves forwards only slightly as you apply the throttle so as to release the calipers but not tension the cables and affect the steering.

The two brake cables are different lengths, the longest inner/outer goes to the right hand caliper, through the frame plates, which is why one cable base in the stand off is cranked up and in a bit (looks odd but it's done for a reason!)

You need to swap your fork leg lowers to the ones in the brake kit.
Screw the calipers to these carefully, small screwsi n plastic, so don't over tighten.

Make sure the brake discs are free to move on the hexes that replace the brake discs.

Assemble the calipers and tighten the through bolts so the pads just clamp the disc and then turn them all back 1.5 turns to allow running clearance.

Use the little silver spacers tubes between the brake pads, use the little brass tubes to crimp on the cables as terminations. Placement of these should only be done once construction and set up are complete, pinch them on in the same place, left and right caliper cables, i.e. pull the servo horn backwards a little, move the caliper lever up so it's just making the pads touch the disc, and crimp the brass tube on just touching the arm. Do that left and right and you will have a good balanced action.

The cable for the right hand caliper goes through the frame, using the sqaure hole above the triangular one as shown, it goes right across and exits just in the corner so it shouldn't get trapped by the ESC/reciever placement.

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