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Originally Posted by Roger Lombard
.....RADICAL, while your remarks about readability and accuracy of the manuals would be true for the earlier ones I think you'll find that since the 262 (or thereabouts) the manuals have been very much better, in fact up with or better than anything else coming out of the far east because I happen to know that GWS are now using a volunteer team of native English, American and Australian speaking proof readers
Roger, forgive me if I was off topic, I did not read the thread, I stumbled on it after doing a search and only read a small segment of the posts.

Forgive me if I've insulted any fine manual writers out there. I must admit, we don't stock a bunch of their kits as we are mostly laser cutters and electronic sellers here. Maybe the many remarks of yesterday that I've heard are still swirling around in my head but are no longer a real issue.

I've always had the opinion our hobby benefits from from wide competition from creative inventive souls. I don't like it when I hear rumors of this or that company in a struggle to survive. If we boil the hobby market down to just 2 or 3 main producers of goods, we are in trouble. So, I root for the smaller players, the GWS's, Hobby Peoples's, Esprit's, JGRC's, NESail's, Steven's and Hobby Lobby's along with many others. Certainly I don't want us to lose any bigger players either. A good broad range of quality suppliers and manufacturers is important to our hobby. The small players tend to move faster than the big players and are often the ones that bring cutting edge products to the masses first and helping to spur on interest and further creativity.

Hmmm, I'm off topic again. ;-)

Happy Flying and good day to all!
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