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How close are those trees?
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Originally Posted by osmium_192
Hahahha oh well, next time..

Whos planes are whos? they all look like alot of fun. (the electrafun is a great all rounder, has it been hotted up?)
Electrafun and the Electric Shock are mine. And the Electrafun has had a couple of mods. Brushless/Lipo and 2.4 gig rxer. A sentimental favourite because it was my first plane and we went through so much together in the early days (like 3 fuselages and 4 wings!!) I still love to fly it and pretty much take it with me every time I fly.

Originally Posted by osmium_192
And is that (really thin) profile at the back of the second picture (with the clear and blue) from Midland hobbies?
See 1st Timer's reply above. Nice model and very well flown too.

Bungraman owns the Firebird (ex Woosha) and also had his Ultrafly Extra down on the day.

Fly Baby was also there with a very nice built up Cessna and a trainer.

Lastly Bill was there flying one of his home built profile biplanes.

Originally Posted by osmium_192
Would really love to have a good fly next time. ( looks promising?)

Im really sad though, just last friday, lost my most recent park jet by leaving it on top of the car and driving off to a flying field. Someone must have picked it up and taken it home or something not to far from home. Wasnt even painted yet.

Have to build another one... prob at the end of this year when I get the time/parts again.
Ashame about the EDF. I bet that wont ever happen again.

That plane you were flying on Sunday looked good though. What was it? Also what was the setup?

By the way I got down to Murdoch again today with the Mini Delta to try it again. I had adjusted the COG (with some good old sinkers sticky taped to the nose).

Anyway I managed to get it flying okay (it looked and sounded great) but kept out cutting out after 15 to 30 seconds flight. I'm not sure if it was the speedie or the rxer? All seemed to be working well during range and static tests. Evewn though it has a 2.4 rx it was basically sitting on top of the speedie so I'll try getting some insulation between them.

However I just had to try it just one time to many and broke the nose off - again!! All better now though and ready for its next crash

See you next time Owen.

I'm working Saturday but fingers crossed for Sunday.
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