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You may be putting Roger on the spot by asking the question, as I don't believe he intends an answer to be interpreted as a rant, but may fear others will. They often do. I don't think GWS (or many other companies for that matter) really listens to their customers at all. Not trying to insult here, just taking the realist's stand. With that in mind, it could seem to folks that this thread is here, just for the purpose of making people feel important, keeping their interest in GWS, and simply posting on the forum, if nothing else.

I wouldn't blame Roger for closing his thread, as he let it go to reasonable length. I do get irked, however, when folks open a discussion topic and then close it after 1 page, when they have finished stating their 2 cents worth. Still, I'd open it up again, since the topic of this thread is narrowed in a specific direction.

Realistically, we are all (%99) interested in new planes. Whether that happens or not, you don't solve a problem without looking at the cause. While they're are many causes, I believe that mistakes in models released is one that could have been clearly avoided. While we do not see actual sales figures, we can make a good guess, based on interest/posting levles in the forums. This is one topic I can't get off my mind, since it would seem to have been so easily avoidable. Sales are cash flow, and better sales would have helped GWS create new releases.

The recent flock of releases to not appear to have been made with the best of judgement. Again, not a bash, but an analysis.
J10: Released at basically the same time by other manufacturer
F15: Released at basically same time by other manufacturers (more than one, in this case). Also important is the scale inaccuracy. While some mods are important to produce a good flying airplane, incorrectly modeling the bulges on the front intake sides is not acceptable. It gives the competition yet one more reason to take your sales. These are small details, but with large implications. Folks often buy what looks best.
FW190: Good size and good flyer, with better price than alternatives. Complete miss on scale factor. Again, this in unacceptable and completely unnecessary. If this plane's fuse simply looked as scale as the PKZ (hopefully much better) then I could see it being an incredibly big hit. I have one converted into an EDF FW190TL. I love the plane and would buy another for detailing as a prop version, but I have no interest due to the off-scale factor.
AT6: I just think there are so many planes that would have been more interesting than this. It is basically a warbird trainer, therefore it will never have the same interest level as a warbird. Since it looks like a warbird in general proportions, it is yet another of the many warbirds on the market. I would have looked to make something unique in this case, maybe even a seaplane as Led Kitty suggested. There is basically no competition in that arena.

Now nearly all this time, a decent Mig15 or Sabre could have had exclusivity. The Mig17 was an even better idea, in that sense. Now, we are seeing some other names coming out with new releases of these types, but GWS could have had a few good years with their version, and hopefully more, if it was a better value than the competion.

My conclusion is that in selecting subjects, there is a fine line between high sales and exclusivity. The GWS262 was an excellent choice, as it seems to have a good steady market, but there is not enough of a market to tempt competition to make one. It was also well modeled in scale, with deviations being acceptable for flying qualities. The GWS15 is entirely the opposite of this. Large sales due to being a highly popular modern jet, but risks losing nearly all sales to the large number of competitors, also making a better scale rendition. I selected these 2 as examples at the opposite ends of the fence. Future model choices need to be made using sound discretion.
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