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Originally Posted by ozzi supercub
I tend to agree with something you touched on. I've only been active on these threads for just over a year. What I've noticed is that none of the advice given seems to be taken on board. The message I get is "tell your hobby shops you want GWS" but ask any smaller hobby retailer and they dont want to deal with GWS because its too hard. Thats why I suggested EBAY because it puts the ball firmly in their court. Easy to do and it will get them some results almost instantly.

That is very true. Yes, we do offer our advice and yes it goes ignored but now GWS seems to be in a " do or die " situation. They can either listen to us and claw back their customers or they can lose the rest of their customers to other companys.

Lets face facts,small hobby shops are refusing to deal with GWS because it is too expensive. Another way has to be found to get the products they make to the people who buy them. I am a big fan of Dave Powers from because of the way he does business (that and the edfs he reviews on the site from another company look like they fly perfectly "straight from the box" ), GWS is a much larger company so why all these difficulties with edfs?

Unlike many people here who have had many kits from GWS and have many many hours flying them, I don't.

I have an e- starter and have literally just started RC flight. I first came across GWS by a full page advert in a magazine a few years ago, the planes were affordable and looked great but due to various reasons was unable to get into flying. Now I can and I want GWS to make lots of money so they can release lots of planes and make everybody happy. I want to give Mr Lin my money but if GWS goes under then I have found another company just up the road from GWS with large EDF planes ( 1m+ wingspan ) that I can aspire to fly, sorry Mr Lin

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