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Originally Posted by ozzi supercub
I'm guessing that many years ago they had no need for such a system because GWS was booming, dealers all around the world were stocking their stuff and you could just about walk into any hobby shop and buy GWS. Times have changed and I think it would be the most cost effective way to get their stock moving with very little investment by GWS.

Actually they were pulling back US distribution along with some other issues making it increasingly difficult to stock and sell their product in LHS. Many gave up because it didnít make sense anymore. Nevertheless, GWS had plenty of opportunity to get ahead of the curve but consciously choose not to, only Chen knows somewhere in his head, why?

In 2004 when I was active on these boards, building and flying GWS the boys over in Asia were given lots of help, aid, and suggestions only, well there is no other way of putting it, but they (the people offering assistance) more or less got snubbed.

GWS became a real clique product. I.E. You either loved them at all costs or you moved on. I think most moved. At one time the LHS was very actively using GWS for combat flying and had regular meets. Now youíd be hard pressed to find a GWS airplane in the store. FWIW, they still actively fly combat but are by and large using a different product.

Me personally I kind of got a sour taste in my mouth from the whole experience and also moved on to helis... That and my cat ate a large portion of my Beaver - that came out wrong didn't it? I still have four or five of their planes hanging around.

Look I have twelve + years of Hobby shop/ Wholesale experience and know what works and what does not. I have offered plenty of suggestions and my experience and basically got slapped in the face. I spent a good amount of time editing their manuals without so much as a thank you. It was more like ďwe donít need your help,Ē but almost word for word my work repeatedly showed up in their manuals.

In the end, they have no one to blame for the position but themselves, and I seriously doubt they have turned any new leafs. Hey, I, and donít get me wrong, I am not bitter about it in the least (I got over it - but was kind of POed for while), but I do find it amusing GWS keeps covering the same old ground. Just the patch they are covering gets smaller and smaller.

I do agree with you on an Ebay store would be a good supplement, but as competitive Ebay is, it in itself isnít enough to sustain GWS on its own.

Lastly, from the emails I still have from GWS they still owe me a kit. I wasn't holding my breath that they would actually come through on it... but hey since we're being honest and all... a Zebra doesn't change its stripes.
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