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Silly fun with my Radian

So it's almost NEVER calm here in Big D, today was a rare exception where where the air was pretty still, low clouds at 900 AGL out of DFW. Breeze less then 5mph and variable.

I saw someone did this so I figured why not ... I have this pricey "uber watch" The Garmin 401, I use it for training, has a built in GPS, heart rate monitor, all the bells and whistles.

So I roll over to the field, setup the fields to the watch reads altitude, average speed, and distance travelled. Once complete it al uploads to the PC wirelessly. I used the velcro that holds the speed controller to hold onto the strap, it fit well.

I started the watch, closed the canopy, thought how stupid it would be to drive my very pricey watch to the edge of my vision only to have it fall out, and gave it a toss

The thing did add weight, moved the CG forward a bit, but in general she flew fine. I did 4 flights, first was just to get the feel of things, second one the canopy came off, I was worried the watch came out too, so I circled over the canopy as it came down, and was lucky to find it.

Next launch I took it upto the ceiling, just into the clouds at 900 feet, that got a little nerve wracking as the dang Radian is such a floater, so that was a good time for a speed run.

My objective was look at 2 items, speed and ground track. As always, motor was only for climb. My speed range was not true airspeed of course, but again the winds were very near calm. I did my speed runs N-S and the fastest was 48mph. Looks like my average speed was right around 15 mph. And get this, in the 30 min or so flying session, the model covered over 6 miles.... pretty cool. It was also interesting to see how my site pictuer was aligned with my ground track in relation to the field boundaries and land marks. In this case I wasn't too suprised.
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