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Hi Mark,
Interesting, sounds about the weight of a sp400.
The 2 motors I found in my spares box are 2000kv outrunners - actually these little numbers from Hobby King;
I put one on the bench with a GWS 7035 on 3S and it drew about 150 watts!
the motor started missing at WOT so clearly it was overtaxed. heh heh
So then I went to a 2S and it drew about 65Watts at 12200 rpm.
Seemed to have good pull but I'll probably go to an APC 7x4 SF to give me a bit more pitch speed for another 2 amps.
I actually wanted to use 3S 1000ma/hr packs like I do for my other ~30+" span warbirds but I would have to buy new motors.
At present, I'm modifying my old u/s 3s 1200 packs down to 2S packs to use in these two planes.
I have a few old packs, each with a dud cell I planned on re-assembling into a couple of good packs but this will do nicely.
When they pack up altogether, I'll lash out the $6.50 and buy some new 2S 1200's

Onwards & upwards - we'll see how they go when we get there, they may all end up back in the spares box if the airframe comes in too heavy.
At present, I'm getting the Zero to the same point as this airframe.

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